Our Top 3 Shower Chairs For Seniors Including The Best Sliding Transfer Bench, Padded With Arms & Shower Chair With Wheels

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In this article we look at the top three shower chairs for seniors. There are a variety of different shower chair types and we chose the best with the following features:

  • No 1. The Best Carousel Sliding Transfer Bench with Swivel Seat.
  • No 2. The Best Padded Shower Chair With Arms.
  • No 3. The Best Shower Chair For Seniors With Wheels

According to NIA (National Institute of Aging), 80% of the elderly who are above 65 fall or trip in the bathroom. This can be due to a wet/slippery surface, lack of grabbing support on the wall, or simply a weak body that loses balance in the bathroom.

The point is that it can be deadly because bone density begins to diminish when an individual hits their thirties and by the time they arrive at an old age, Osteoporosis can occur, the condition associated with brittle bones.

So, long story short, elderly people have brittle bones and a single fall in the bathroom can wreak havoc on their body. What’s the solution? Well, it’s quite simple actually. All you need to do is get them a shower chair.

Shower chairs serve as a beacon of hope for seniors. They provide safety and support and make it a breeze for them to take a shower. However, since the market is swarming with shower chairs and each claims to the best, it can be a bit daunting for people to pick one. Worry not, we have you covered.

We spent many hours observing the chairs, using them and checking their durability. In the end, we picked 3 best shower chairs for seniors on the basis of their features, safety, durability and quality.

So without much ado, let’s dive into the details:

Best Shower Chairs For Seniors 

  1. Carousel Sliding Transfer Bench with Swivel Seat. Premium PADDED Bath and Shower Chair with Pivoting Arms

If you are in search of a sliding shower chair that secures an elderly person to the tee then Carousel Sliding Chair is your best bet. It locks up a person properly and offers safety just like a caregiver would.


The Locking Mechanism: This sliding shower chair has an amazing safety lock system. All one needs to do is put on the seat belt after sitting in the chair. Open the swivel, turn it to 90 degrees to lock it. Once done, move your inner leg inside the bathtub, open the slide, push it down and lock it.

It might seem a tad bit difficult initially but the mechanism is a breeze and anyone can get accustomed to it by using it a few times. The locking system is trustworthy and doesn’t allow the chair to budge despite the weight of the person sitting inside. So, all in all, it’s a pretty much secured chair.

Swivel Seat: A swivel seat is one that can move. If we compare it to a fixed seat, a swivel seat reigns supreme in this situation because the safety of an elderly person is at stake and the swivel seat is the safer option.

This seat has a 360 degree movement, therefore, the user will face no issue when it comes to moving around in the bathroom.

Comfortable And Water Shedding Padding: There are many sliding shower chairs in the market that look great but most of them have a plastic padding that just doesn’t feel comfortable.

The makers of Carousel Shower seat made sure that the chair would provide utmost comfort. To achieve this, they installed a soft water-shedding padding. The chair doesn’t feel cold, hard or slippery. Instead, the padding has a warm touch to it and keeps the user at ease.

Sometimes, a chair can have a slippery padding which can be disastrous. Thankfully, the padding used on this chair is slip-resistant. So, the user is safe at all times.

Solid Construction: This shower chair is meant to serve for a long time because it is made up of top notch stainless steel and aluminium. It can bear weight up to 330 pounds and also offers seat height adjustment up to 23.5” and backrest upto 35”.

Comfortable: The back and armrests contain a soft padding that keeps the user at ease no matter how long they sit in the chair.

Easy To Clean: The soft padding used is non-absorbing medical grade polyurethane. It is easier to disinfect and doesn’t give an odor.


  • Lightweight – 20 pounds only.
  • No assembly issues (assembles in less than 5 minutes without any tools).
  • The chair has a sharp Hi-View Blue color to aid the elderly who have a weak sight.
  • Extension kits available.
  • Offers 12” of horizontal travel.


  • The user can find it difficult to learn the controls in the beginning.

Carousel Shower Chair is an ideal choice for seniors who want to get rid of their caregiver and take matters into their own hands. It offers amazing safety features and is also quite durable.


  1. Shower Chair, Bath Chair, Padded with Armrests, Comfortable(tm) Deluxe Shower Chair

Seniors who want to padding shower chair safety should definitely consider this safe bath chair. It has some of the most amazing features and safety options that will keep you safe in the bathroom while you take a shower.


Padded Armrest And Seat: A lot of users think that there’s no big deal if a chair has padded seat and armrest because all chairs do.

They might but the material used to create the padding plays a vital role. A shower chair that has poor quality padding can cause a skin allergy. Fortunately, this chair has the best possible quality of padding installed in it, which not only offers comfort but protection as well.

Apart from that, a padded seat and armrest obviously offer more safety compared to a plastic chair. It minimizes the risk of skin tear and provides a warm touch as well.

Medical Grade Aluminium: Investing in this padding shower chair is a smart choice because it is made up of high-grade aluminium. It doesn’t corrode or gets damaged no matter how much time it is kept in water.

Adjustable: Users can adjust the seat’s height as per their convenience. You can set the height between 16.5 to 20.5 inches.

Prevents Slippage: The padding used is made up of high quality polyurethane that restricts the water from absorbing. Instead, it runs the water off. This feature makes the chair easier to clean as well.


  • Lifetime warranty.
  • Skin friendly padding.
  • Non slip rubber grips that prevents the chair from tripping over.
  • Bears weight up to 310 pounds.
  • Assembles in less than 3 minutes without any tools.


  • The seat is wide and can pose a bit of a problem for thin people as there’s no seatbelt facility.

This is a beautiful looking chair with good safety and adjustment options. The lack of a seatbelt makes it a bit concerning for seniors who are overweight. Apart from that, it’s an excellent shower chair.


  1. Drive Medical Aluminum Shower Commode Mobile Chair

This mobile shower chair serves as a combination of three, transportation, safety and commode. It has wheels underneath and the chair can be positioned over a toilet for the senior to use the bathroom without the help of a caregiver.


Durable Frame: This transportable commode chair has a top notch while aluminium frame that can withstand some serious weight. Moreover, it is rust resistant which is why expect this chair to serve for a long time.

Mobility: There aren’t many mobile shower chairs out there that have tires installed underneath and offer a commode facility too. This feature makes it a rare chair. There’s a cutout on the chair that can be removed. Once done, make the senior patient can sit in the chair, move them to the bathroom, position the chair over the toilet and wait outside. In short, it makes the job easier for both the caregiver and the patient/elderly person.

Shower With Ease: Apart from offering the commode facility, this chair helps an elderly person shower as well. The seat and armrests are padded, and there’s a footrest at the bottom that acts as a swing-away (can be adjusted). These features make it easy for an old person to take shower with great ease.

Seat Height: The seat’s height can be adjusted to make the user feel comfortable. Moreover, you can also set the back height up to 19”. The seat is wide enough to accommodate most people with a dimension of 18”W and 17”D.

Weight Capacity: The Drive Medical Chair can easily accommodate people under 275 pounds of weight. It has a sturdy frame that can withstand pressure and doesn’t trip over. Thus, offering maximum safety to the person sitting in. 


  • Lifetime warranty.
  • Easier to maneuver thanks to the wheels underneath.
  • Doesn’t corrode and sustains damage easily.
  • Can be used as a portable commode or be positioned over a stationary commode.
  • Extremely comfortable and durable.


  • Can get a bit heavier for the caregiver to move it around since the chair weighs 35 pounds and then there’s the user’s weight too.

This chair offers ease of use by providing mobility, feasibility of a portable commode and padded seats and armrests. It’s a viable chair for seniors who find it daunting to stand on their feet. They can remain seated on the chair and have a caregiver move them in and out of the bathroom.


These are the 3 best chairs that you can choose from for elderly people. They ace in almost all the departs including safety, durability and convenience.