8 Different Types & Styles of Stools You Can Choose For Your Home

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In this article we are going to explore 8 different varieties of stools you that are practical and very aesthetically pleasing as well.

You will be amazed to know that a stool is the earliest form of sitting furniture. It is a single seat structure, supported by 3 or more legs, with or without armrest and of different lengths. A stool is generally meant to seat one person only. Amazingly, during medieval times, stools were made for more than one person as well.

However, that version of the stool hasn’t made its way to the modern period, and therefore, you will hardly find a stool design that is meant to seat more than one person at a time. The following different variations of stool are available in the modern day:

Modern Stools

These stools are designed for comfort and functionality rather than anything else. These stools generally have an armrest, and in some cases, a backrest as well. Most variations of the modern day stools are long, and enable the sitter to stretch the legs, and also have a footrest to rest the feet. Thus, allowing the person to sit for long hours without fatigue. Bar stools are the perfect examples of modern stools…

Contemporary Chrome Air Lift Adjustable Swivel Stools with White Seat, Set of 2

This modern stool set is a big seller on Amazon and highly rated by the hundreds of customers who have left reviews. The stools are adjustable height and the latest in fashion making them a very modern style of stool indeed…

Roundhill Furniture Contemporary Chrome Air Lift Adjustable Swivel Stools with White Seat, Set of 2
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Traditional Stools

These stools give an imperial or a colonial look. They usually have a round top, upholstered neatly in earthly colors. The legs are usually ornamented and thin, imparting a very sleek and lavish feel to the stool.

The following two stools available online from Amazon are a great example of the more traditional style stools…

Antique Villa III Vanity Stool

Intricate filigree detail. Antique beige finish. Fawn suede fabric. Intricate filigree detail and a lovely multi-step antique beige finish combine to create the simply stunning Villa III Vanity Stool. Sturdy metal construction and a timeless design make this the perfect addition to any home…

Hillsdale Villa III Vanity Stool, Antique Beige
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Hillsdale Montello Backless Swivel Counter Stool, Old Steel Finish with Brown Faux-Leather

Traditional backless counter stool with decorative cast accents and curved legs. The Hillsdale backless swivel counter stool features sweeping interlocking circles, intricate complimentary castings and elegantly curved legs. Finished in a dynamic old steel with distressed brown faux leather 360 degree swivel seats…

Hillsdale Montello Backless Swivel Counter Stool, Old Steel Finish with Brown Faux-Leather
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Coastal Style Stools

These stools are very comfortable and look similar to chairs. The coastal style is bright and airy. A summer look. The stool is made from wood and carries a vintage look. The base of the stool is rugged and can withstand very heavy loads.

Boraam Myrtle Counter Height Stool, Mahogany

Make your home feel like summer year-round with the Myrtle bar and counter stool. The sedge weave over seat gives your home a beach-house vibe. Additionally, the Myrtle bar and counter stool features a metal kick plate. Available in mahogany and wire-brush finish… Boraam 76824 Myrtle Counter Height Stool, 24-Inch, Mahogany

Rustic Stools

These stools have a very medieval western feel. They represent the time when the western world was undergoing development. The stool looks rough, is short and made to withstand heavy weights. This stool does not have an arm rest, and are generally short in size.

Ashley Furniture Signature Design – Pinnadel Bar Stool – Pub Height – Set of 2 – Rustic Brown

The rustic beauty of vintage design comes to life with the rich finishes and shaped metal of the “Pinnadel” dining collection to enhance the look and feel of any dining area. With the beauty of Pine veneers bathed in a wire brushed gray-brown color finish and multiple stool design options to choose from, this furniture is perfect for any dining experience…

Ashley Furniture Signature Design - Pinnadel Bar Stool - Pub Height - Set of 2 - Rustic Brown
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Tiki Stools

Tiki stools have been popular since the very beginning of their inception. They are straight forward, simple designs that are meant to look elegant and sleek. The design is clean. It does not have arm rest or back rest, and the top is usually square and flat. The legs, although thin, but never feel flimsy.

Tiki Inspired Metal Counter Stool

Turn your Counter Height dining table or kitchen island into a permanent oasis with the Hillsdale Furniture West Palm Swivel Counter Height Stool. This tiki-inspired metal counter stool brings tropical charm to any locale. Heavy gauge tubular steel with a burnished brown finish has the look of real bamboo with the durability of steel. Its high back Features a palm tree design with top rail accents. Swivel seat and perfectly placed footrests give diners and guests a wonderfully comfortable experience…

Hillsdale Furniture 4330-824 Swivel Counter Height Stool, West Palm
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Barrel Stool

These stools were made from the barrel wood. Thus, their legs are somewhat concaved outwards. The stool usually has a square top. The legs are supported by a metal frame which imparts strength to the complete structure.

Bourbon Barrel Pub Table Set

No man cave or bar area would not be complete with out a set like this. This pub table set is made from 2 reclaimed bourbon barrels, that give the set a rustic and functional look. The table is constructed from a whole recycled bourbon barrel That has been sanded and coated with a clear polyurethane sealer.

The top is made from 1 1/2″ thick pine. the top has been burned to accent the grain of the wood and blend in with the rustic look of the barrel. It has been finished with a special walnut stain and poly urethane. The top is 36″ in diameter. There are 4 reclaimed claw foot legs attached to the bottom of the barrel to add to its rustic appearance. The table is approximately 42′ high.

There are four stools included in this set that have been constructed using the staves and hoops from a reclaimed bourbon barrel. The seat tops are 14″ around and made from the heads of recycled bourbon barrels. The base of the stools are approximately 20″ across. The seats are left natural in color and sealed with a clear polyurethane. they are approximately 30″ high. The set is perfect for residential or commercial use…

Bourbon Barrel Pub Table set
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Saddle Stool

A rectangular top stool, which has a rich upholstery. It has short legs, supported by wooden beams. These stools are popular among rich people and look highly elegant when kept in a room filled with expensive things.

Master Massage Ergonomic Swivel Saddle Rolling Hydraulic Comfortable Adjustable Stool

Master Massage engineers designed this stool for better comfort and design—its saddle nature eases painful pressure on the back. The Master Ergonomic Adjustable Saddle Stool boasts a large, comfortable 360° swivel seat, soft Rollerblade-like Polyurethane wheels (safe for hardwood floors and carpet), and hypoallergenic durable upholstery.

The seat’s PU upholstery is hypoallergenic, CFC-free and oil and waterproof backed by a 5 year guarantee, making it perfect for dozens of workplaces and professions. Each element of the stool has been engineered for comfort, stability and longevity. PERFECT for professionals and for at home use….

Master Massage Ergonomic Swivel Saddle Rolling Hydraulic Comfortable Adjustable Stool in Black for clinic spas beauty salons debtists classrooms home office
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Scandinavian Stools

These stools are rectangular in shape and have a strong structure that gradually gradients outwards from top to bottom. Unlike many other designs, the top is short and isn’t meant for sitting for hours. These stools are generally placed for beautification rather than functionality.

Mid-Century Modern Scandinavian Style Dark Walnut Wood with Grey Faux Leather Pub Stool

Inspired by mid-century design, our Olivia Mid-century Modern Scandinavian Style Dark Walnut Wood Counter Stool’s modern form and clean aesthetic bring a casual elegance to kitchen islands. The counter stool features upholstered bentwood seat in grey faux leather, shapely solid wood legs and a dark walnut finish. Elegant and comfortable, the stool’s delicate form goes hand in hand with its strength and durability. The chair works well as a stand-alone piece or as a part of a full pub dining set…

Baxton Studio Olivia Mid-Century Modern Scandinavian Style Dark Walnut Wood with Grey Faux Leather Pub Stool (Set of 2)
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It’s hard to narrow it down to just one stool style to love. In the right setting they would all look fabulous. Sp what stool style are you? Modern? Traditional… Coastal… Rustic… Tiki… Barrel or Saddle? With the 6 different variety of stools to choose from for your home I’m sure what ever stool you pick it will do the job.

Happy stool shopping!