8 Different Types of Living Room Chairs For Style & Comfort

There are many different types of living room chairs, and they all come in different styles, colors, textures, and materials. Here, we are presenting to you eight of the most popular, gorgeous types of living room chairs including: Bergere, Club, Wingback, Rocking, Slipper, Klismos, Papasan, and The Chair and Half…

A chair’s function is not just to provide a place to sit; it is to provide a medium for self-expression.” – Evan Davis

How we style our living rooms speaks volumes about our character and lifestyle. Although the original purpose of living room chairs is to give us extra sitting space, still, no one can deny that they also help us improve the looks of our living room; through using different types and styles of chairs, we can express our style and make our living room more stylish, modern and cozy.

So let’s dive in and take a look at some of the most beautiful types of living room chairs…

The Bergere Living Room Chair

The Bergere Chair, known as the chair of kings, is great for adding more luxurious, traditional looks to your living room while still keeping it comfortable and cozy.

This chair which has an upholstered back, seat frame, armrests, a loose cushion, and exposed (wooden) frames, is considered to be the first type of chair specifically designed to be comfortable and relaxing.

The Bergere chair’s origins can be traced back to the early 18th century, as it was part of a larger category of chairs inspired by Kings Louis XIV, Louis XV, and Louis XVI. (Hence its nickname the chair of kings.)

There are 3 major variations of Bergere Chair: Bergère à la Reine, Bergère en cabriolet, and Bergère marquise. All of them come in different styles, patterns and usually in several traditional, pastel colors.

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The Club Living Room Chair

When one says armchair, usually what they mean is the club chair.

These chairs usually have the “classical” armchair look, meaning they have arm holders, back holders, cushions all covered in material, usually leather.

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Although there isn’t specific information regarding the origin of the club chairs, it is widely believed that they come from England and were probably inspired by or at least designed to go with the chesterfield sofa in the 17th century.

Interesting fact about the club chairs, and probably where their name comes from, is that historically, the description of these chairs is mostly found in the descriptions of the men only – gentlemen’s clubs that existed in the nineteenth century England; this club was the place where man usually gather after work to grab drinks and smoke cigarettes.

Back then, the club chairs were made out of leather, with buttoned backed pieces as they were almost always companion pieces of chesterfield sofas.

Today, the club chairs have changed a lot, and you can find them in many different materials, patterns, colors, and shapes, with or without button backed pieces. They are considered to be the classical prototype of the armchairs.

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The Wingback Living Room Chair

The Wingback chair is probably one of the oldest, most traditional types of chairs.

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This chair has one of the most recognizable designs: it is a club chair with wings mounted to the back of the chair, typically, but not always, stretching down to the armrest.

There are two main types of this chair: the flat wing and the scroll wing. Nonetheless, the shape, length, depth, vertical position of the wings as we as its colors, materials and designs vary from chair to chair.

If you are wondering, and trying to understand the logic behind this design, asking why to add structure to and upholster, to the sides of a chair above the armrest, don’t worry, there is a perfectly logical explanation about it.

The answer to this question lies in the origin of this chair. Originally, the wing chair was designed in the 1600’s in Britain, and it was made completely out of wood. In this period, the lack of weather-stripping, caulk, triple-glazed windows made the houses more weather-sensitive, and the cold was hard to be avoided.

As result, the wing chairs were invented with wings whose purpose was to enclose the head or torso areas of the body to provide comfortable protection from drafts and to trap the heat from a fireplace in the area where the person would be sitting. Once you know this, the design starts to make much more sense!

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The Living Room Rocking Chair

The all-time favorite, part of almost all grandma’s homes, witness to many of our childhood memories, the rocking chair is one of the most popular living room chairs.

Although many believe that Benjamin Franklin invented the rocking chair, most historians deny this claim saying that while it originated in North America, this chair first appeared in the early 18th century when Benjamin Franklin was just a child, so he couldn’t be its inventor.

This chair was created for the outdoors; nonetheless, due to its coziness and fun spirit, this chair eventually found its way into interior designs becoming one of the all-time favorites.

The original, classic rocking chair was made of wood and had straight back curved seats and rockers. These days, one can find endless variations of this chair, some including cushions, different types of materials, arm holders, etc.

The craziest fact about it? Apparently, one can burn up to 150 calories while rocking this chair for 1 hour!

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Windsor Rocking Chair Medium Brown
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The Living Room Slipper Chair

The modern versions of slipper chairs became very popular in the last decade; due to their usually smaller proportions, they are practical and perfect for any living room regardless of its size!

The slipper chair is an armless upholstered chair with short legs that let it sits closer to the ground.

One may often hear these chairs being described as feminine, or romantic, and we can honestly say that this description holds water.

Back in the day, when they were invented in the early 18th century, these chairs were used in women’s bedrooms as seating; more precisely, they were often used when maids helped ladies put on their shoes or slippers. As you may guess, the name slipper chairs comes from here.

Regardless of their past usage, since the 1950’s, the slipper chairs, in a variety of styles, colors, and materials became an integral furniture piece in many homes, bringing chick, elegant looks and providing extra sitting space in both bedrooms and living room areas (and especially in spaces that are relatively small).

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The Living Room Klismos Chair

The klismos chair has an incredibly gorgeous architecture of the frame that makes it stand out and be seen as a piece of art.

In every living room area, the klismos chair usually is the centerpiece.

The name klismos in Greek means armchair. Although it is not known when the first klismos chair appeared, it is known that the shape of the chair was perfected by the 5th century BC when it attained its greatest popularity in Greece.

During the years, the shape evolved as the back became thicker, the legs more/less elegant. Even the Romans couldn’t resist the gorgeous, stunning architecture of this chair and used it in their palaces.

These days, klismos chairs are part of modern, stylish, artistic, original living rooms.

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The Living Room Papasan Chair

For the free-spirited, nature-loving people who simply enjoy comfort, softness, and coziness as well as the bohemian style, the Papasan chair (also known as a bowl chair or moon chair), is the one chair they will love the most!

The Papasan chair is often described as the ultimate cushy, comfy chair that is designed solely for relaxation, reading, watching television, or simply cuddling with your pet. That’s why often it is seen as part of the living rooms or kid’s rooms.

The Papasan chair is a large rounded bowl-shaped chair with an adjustable angle; the bowl cushion rests in an upright frame made of wood, or rattan.

This chair’s origin can be traced back to Philippines and Japan, and it gained popularity in America when the American World War II service members brought them home from Asia. These days they come in many different colors, patterns, and styles. There are many types of chairs that were inspired by and are considered as different types of Papasan chairs, such as Mamasan chair, floral Papasan chair, Mamasan swing, the cradle, and so on.

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The Living Room Chair and a Half

If one chair is not enough for you, and if you want extra space and comfort, then you definitely should consider the chair and a half.

This type of chair is slightly larger than a stander chair with extensive width – it simply is made for anyone who dreams of curling up in their seat and lining back into soft, cozy pillows and simply enjoying lounging.

Many people consider the term chair and a half a bit clumsy, and cumbersome, claiming that his over-sized chair is actually what we wanted /needed for ages. The origin of the chair is not quite marked, as it is considered a more recent invention than the other type of chairs.

Ironically enough, the chair and a half usually are perfect for small living rooms where you can’t put lovers’ sofa or regular sofa. This chair comes in many different styles, colors, shapes and usually, but not necessarily goes together with ottoman.

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So there you have it. 8 different types of living room chairs and every single style of dining room chair offers something unique and different. I hope you not only find a living room chair that suits your taste and style but also hope you enjoyed the where, how and why each chair style originated.

Happy living room chair hunting!