13 Top Rated Ghost Chairs For Your Living Room, Dining, Kitchen or Vanity Areas

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The ghost chair is an amazing style of chair that can be utilized in all manner of rooms in your home. If you have amazing decor that you want to stand out than a ghost chair will not the block the view as they are see through.

They are especially great in smaller rooms as the ghost chairs will help make the room appear a little larger than it really is whereas other chairs will definitely make the room appear smaller.

The below list of ghost chairs are all rated 4 star and above at Amazon at the time of writing. *Please note the final ghost chair with smoke finish doesn’t have any ratings as yet however once we saw it we just had to include it…

Our list of 14 top rated ghost chairs includes a wide variety of styles including: chairs with and without arms, acrylic, blue, ghost chairs at bar height, ghost chairs for the vanity, for kids, with gold legs, pink, smoke finished, chair sets, ghost chairs for under $80, and yellow ghost chairs.

The chairs are listed below in no particular order. So it could be said, there is no clear winner so don’t be spooked from checking out all of them on the list:)

Ghost Chair With Arms

Nothing will flatter your dining room like this modern style ghost chair. Made from acrylic, this stylish kitchen armchair will arrive at your door fully assembled so you don’t have to worry about any annoying and frustrating issues about putting it together.

This chair is transparent and can be used both indoors and outdoors. In fact it is also a very popular chair for weddings and party functions…

Modway Casper Modern Acrylic Stacking Kitchen and Dining Room Arm Chair in Clear - Fully Assembled
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Ghost Chair With No Arms

This commercial grade chair is made of poly-carbonate which is stronger than acrylic so it is very sturdy and durable, yet in appearance still has a feminine look. It comes fully assembled and is very easy to clean as well. With no arms the chair can slide under desks, vanities, tables and looks great in almost any room. You will be able transform any room with this beautiful armless ghost chair…

2xhome - Plastic Chair No Arm Side Chair With Back Clear Legs Dining Chair
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Acrylic Ghost Chair

This chair with its transparent crystal finish is designed after the original Louis XVI styling with a modern touch. Easy to clean and another chair that will look good in any room. This acrylic ghost chair is also a hit at weddings and parties as it is designed for both indoor and outdoor use…

Flash Furniture Ghost Side Chair in Transparent Crystal
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Blue Ghost ChairThis chair is made by the same manufacturer as the first ghost chair on our list only this one is in the color blue. The blue color will block some of the transparency however it could do wonders with the right decor…

Modway Casper Modern Acrylic Stacking Kitchen and Dining Room Arm Chair in Blue - Fully Assembled
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Ghost Chair Bar Height

Add a touch of class and elegance to your bar or counter with these very sophisticated and height adjustable ghost stool chairs. These counter height stool chairs have everything going for them. Made of acrylic, modern style, easy to clean, can swivel 360 degrees, and look fantastic…

Vogue Furniture Direct Adjustable Arcylic Barstool, Clear -VF1581033 (Set of 2)
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Ghost Chair For Vanity

This vanity ghost chair has a very unique contoured design which looks lovely. Perfect as a vanity chair and anywhere you are tight on space as the see through chair will make your room appear larger than it really is. Not only is this vanity ghost chair very beautiful it is plenty tough as well and can even be used outdoors…

Flash Furniture Specter Series Transparent Stacking Side Chair
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Ghost Chair For Kids

So cute is the reoccurring statement made by customers about this gorgeous children’s ghost chair. It is very sturdy, stylish, easy to clean, and on of those rare items that both the parents and the kids love…

Modway Casper Kids Chair in Clear
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Ghost Chair With Gold Legs

This is a very comfortable chair because its specialty curved and ergonomic design. This chair will also look good in any room and can be used both inside and outside. This chair has many testimonials from very happy customers…

GreenForest Acrylic Dining Side Chairs Lucite Transparent Clear Seat Strong Metal Legs, Set of 4
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Pink Ghost Chair

The below picture speaks a thousand words in trying to describe this pink ghost chair. As you can see the pink color looks very attractive yet the chair still remains transparent…

Modway Casper Modern Acrylic Stacking Kitchen and Dining Room Arm Chair in Pink - Fully Assembled
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Ghost Chair Set

Many happy customers have left reviews about this set of 4 ghost chairs. Great for your dining room and if you have a glass table what better chair will you find to match it?

Flash Furniture 4 Pk. Ghost Chair with Square Back in Transparent Crystal
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Ghost Chair Under $80

This chair is not only affordable is one of the better sellers and is most popular for weddings and for the casual and even the more elegant functions. Lightweight but tough and durable this chair would look good around your home as well…

Flash Furniture Flash Elegance Crystal Ice Stacking Chiavari Chair
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Yellow Ghost Chairs

I love yellow and in just about every chair design there is a yellow color of the chair and you can even get a yellow ghost chair as well. Just look at how beautiful this chair looks in the picture below. You can now have you yellow and transparency too…

Modway Casper Modern Acrylic Stacking Kitchen and Dining Room Arm Chair in Yellow - Fully Assembled
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Ghost Chair in Smoke Finish

Now here is a very striking style of ghost chair. The smoke finish simply looks amazing as you can see from the picture below. The word smoke doesn’t sound attractive but it certainly is when comes these very elegant looking smoke ghost chairs…

Set of 2 Victorian Modern Design Ghost Dining Side Chair in Smoke Finish
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Whether you are looking for a ghost chair for the living room, dining room, kitchen or vanity the above list of ghost chairs has you covered. If you have are looking for crystal clear, blue, pink, smoke or yellow chairs you will find them as well. From kids to adults and all of them very affordable you can start you search from the above highly rated ghost chairs.