About Us

Welcome to GoodtoSit!

As you have probably seen from some of our articles our goal is to help you find the right chair, stool, ottoman or bench for your home and when you purchase your chair and it finally arrives – May well you say… It feels so good to sit!

This site is not one of those big mega sites run by some massive corporation, I’m just a one man show¬† doing my best to present you with interesting information, how to articles, reviews and more all around things we can sit on.

My nickname is Bigal & let me tell you I’m a lot bigger (fatter) now than when I was given that nickname so maybe I should now be called Bigger Al or much much bigger Al – Huge Al even.

So being on the well proportioned side I have an inclination to find chairs that can handle a large load however I do cover all chairs, stool & benches without discriminating against you good looking skinny people!

I’m not exactly a rich dude – quite the opposite and I’m just a mild mannered office worker by day but at night I transform into a super webmaster, researching & writing information as best I can to be as helpful to you as I can.

So hopefully you will find my site very helpful, perhaps from time to time slightly amusing and maybe even buy some of the product recommendations so you get the seating equipment you need I make a tiny, weeny commission on the sale.

And speaking of which…

“You should assume that if you purchase a product from any product link on our site that we will earn an affiliate commission. We are a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for us to earn fees by linking to Amazon.com and affiliated sites. We are also a participant with other affiliate services. It also be noted that by earning affiliate commissions there is no extra cost to you. The commissions are paid from the vendors profit margin.”


Happy chair shopping!